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What is Citizen Science?

It is science anyone can be a part of and contribute to.

Citizen Science projects play a vital role in encompassing a general global population in deeper knowledge of our natural world and raise awareness for the planet's environment and collecting invaluable data.

Citizen Science engages people to learn and care deeply about our planet.


Which is why we've established our own Citizen Science project:

Glacio Global

Established in 2021

Understanding how and how much glaciers change over time in response to global climate change is crucial to understand the consequences of the process behind our planet's rapidly retreating and disappearing glaciers.

Time is now extremely precious and we want to immerse you in the glaciers on our planet. We want to help you understand just how precious and valueable they are to maintain a global natural balance.


By accessing glaciers globally through various tourism platforms in polar areas, we can monitor and analyse glacier changes over time and simultaniously engage and educate polar visitors and a global population by giving free access our immersive glacier imagery and data.

Thryms glacier
the first Greenlandic glacier recorded for our project, 2023


Glacio Global

immerse yourself in glaciers


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The Living Ice


We love ice!

We are a collective of four glacier scientists and environmental communicators who's come together to form a group dedicated to glacier and climate science communication and research.


Our Team

Meet the dream team

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