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my frozen world



Immersive climate science communication through my lens


My name is Hedda Andersen

I am a glaciologist, nature guide and climate science communicator.


Living at 78° North on Svalbard, I spent most of my days surrounded by glaciers and Arctic wildlife. When I am not at home, I spend my days exploring and working in other parts of the Arctic or in Antarctica.

My work and passion is one of the same, climate science communication told through immersive imagery of glacier's response to ongoing climate changes.

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An image says more than a thousand words

I have taken thousands of images of glaciers both in the Arctic and the Antarctic the past years.

Through my master studies, I learned how to fly a drone to take images of glaciers for quantitative analysis and change detection.

I also learned how to utilize 360- degree imagery of glaciers and quickly understood the value of this immersive method for communicating the frightening rate of glacier ice loss we are observing globally.

I reached a milestone in my career in 2022, when I established a immersive 360- degree image Citizen Science project with my co- creator and ever inspiring fellow, Erik S. Mannerfelt.


Our project has been executed successfully in the expedition cruise industry in the Arctic for two seasons and will be run in Antarctica the 2023/24 season for the very first time.


We have created something extremely valuable for communicating climate change impacts on glaciers, and we give the world access to all the glaciers we visit through our web- site.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or wish to use our data and want any assistance.

Expand Your Knowledge

Glaciers are our planet's frozen climate archives - remnants of a time when snow fell thousands, in some cases, hundreds of thousands years ago.

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